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Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession

ARK Group’s Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession provides practical tools and strategies to utilize the data at your fingertips for improving internal efficiencies, talent acquisition, shaping strategies at trial, and maximizing value to clients. Leave with actionable insights from case studies and successful business applications learned from peers to drive profitability and discover the best tools and solutions to increase ROI.


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Who Should Attend

Ark Group’s Business Intelligence & Analytics in the Legal Profession conference is designed for senior-level and C-suite professionals from law firms with a vested interest in increasing profitability and driving ROI using data analytics and business intelligence.

Expect to network with:

  • Law Firm Leadership, Managing Directors, CFO, COO, CIO

  • CMO, Business Development Officers, Directors

  • Director of Pricing and Finance

  • Business Analysts

  • Knowledge Officers and Directors

  • Legal Operations

  • Directors of Business and Client Intelligence

  • Data Scientists

 Top Reasons to Attend

  • Build Your Data Strategy Roadmap
    Find out how to best prioritize projects and allocate resources to achieve a competitive advantage in both the business and practice of law

  • Boost Your Pricing and Profitability Strategy
    Learn how firms are leveraging BI tools, data, and analytics to enhance profitability modeling

  • Assess the Data Strategy Components of Matter Management
    Uncover exactly how data and analytics inform and support matter management

  • Strengthen Existing Client Relationships
    Discover how to make client relationships stick through enhanced access to data, information, and insights

  • Benchmark With Peers and Competitors
    Learn how firms are using analytics to successfully drive efficiency and superior service delivery, and what that means relative to your own firm’s ability to compete in the current market

  • Respond to an Evolving Business Landscape
    Understand how data and analytics can help firms to respond to an evolving business landscape in which they need to reconsider how they compete and who they’re competing with

  • Utilize AI to Streamline Processes
    Learn how AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and other emerging technologies can be utilized to enhance your tools and platforms for increased operational efficiencies

  • Enhance Data Capture
    Understand the cultural dimension/behavioral changes necessary to improve data capture within your firm

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